Euro 2012 Predictor

In Euro 2012 Predictor, you can predict the results of each Euro 2012 match against your friends and the rest of the world.

There are £300 of prizes up for grabs

Zoo Escape

Challenge your memory, challenge your friends!

Put the animals back into the correct enclosure and see if you can be the best in your country, or the world!

Hungry Yoshi

Find Yoshis and Plantations all over your city. Plant fruit for you and your friends to collect and feed the Hungry Yoshis

Free Apps from SumGroup

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Post Factory

Show off your creativity and build fun Facebook posts using our 'factory' of quirky effects.  Put your own photos and sound effects into the PostFactory production line and see what comes out!


How long do you spend on your iPhone each day? What are your most-used apps this week, this month, or of all time?

AppTracker shows you how you really use your iOS device. It automatically tracks app usage, and shows you detailed charts and stats of your usage each day.