Our research on ubiquitous computing mixes theory, user experience design and system design. Initially formed within the Equator interdisciplinary research collaboration, the group is set within the U. Glasgow HCI group, GIST, which is the most cited UK university HCI group, and 12th among all institutions worldwide. Most of our work is EPSRC-funded, in the Equator, Augmented Stadium, Contextual Software and Homework projects. Other recent work has been funded by Kodak and by CONACYT, the Mexican national research council.

We are focusing on making the process of evaluating and improving ubicomp systems quicker, more social and more tightly linked with ongoing use. We are collaborating with football fans, studying them but also designing a suite of applications for them, on iPhones and using 3G and mobile ad hoc networks:

You can find links to some of our press coverage here, and images here.